Over the past two years, I worked on your behalf to bring city policy in line with the vision contained in South Burlington’s Comprehensive Plan: Affordable & Community Strong, Walkable, Green & Clean, and Opportunity Oriented by

Urban roadway with sign indicating shared lanes and bicyclists in bicycle lanes marked with solid lines.

• Securing a public bond for a new Library/City Hall/Community Center on Market Street in City Center
• Combating pollution by passing market-based standards for new commercial parking to replace arbitrary national standards that have increased impervious surfaces and polluted our waterways and lake
• Promoting affordable housing and economic development by passing market-based commercial parking standards that are designed to reduce unnecessary development costs and facilitate the entry of new businesses
• Establishing an economic development committee focused on working with local businesses and associations
• Supporting interim zoning in order to provide time for studies designed to promote environmentally master planned residential and commercial development
• Joining private conservation partners in order to conserve agricultural lands and wildlife corridor adjacent to the natural resource-rich area conserved around Shelburne Pond
• Increasing funding for road construction and maintenance
• Expanding and connecting our walking and biking trails
• Organizing public forums on domestic violence in order to raise awareness and educate the public on warning signs and community and state resources
• Launching plans for a new, centrally-located, and expansive dog park
• Advocating for our residents with BTV and FAA from a position of strength
• Controlling spending all while maintaining and improving city services
• Vetting plans for a new recreation facility to meet the needs of residents, including underserved populations

Past accomplishments:
• Created, with public approval, a TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) District in City Center
• Secured bonding to rebuild Market Street and City Center Park. TIF funds from new developments have helped fund these and future municipal development.
• Secured agreement with private sector to develop Garden Street and Market Street sites
• Oversaw visioning, redesign and grant funding for Williston streetscape and bike lanes
• Joined the Governor’s Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition to meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals
• Created a permanent city-owned dog park at Farrell Park
• Established Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Committee to address need for affordable housing
• Created management plans for natural areas funded by 10-year subvention of Open Space Fund
• Created landfill solar array and special fund for money generated by array for future investments in energy efficiencies and future savings
• Committed open space funds to preserve SEQ land through public/private agreement
• Engaged with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to advocate property rights and residents’ preferred noise mitigation programs with the City of Burlington
• Relocated South Burlington Police Department to a newly redeveloped facility that also houses the Community Justice Center