Over the past two years, I worked on your behalf to bring city policy in line with the vision contained in South Burlington’s Comprehensive Plan: Affordable & Community Strong, Walkable, Green & Clean, and Opportunity Oriented by

Urban roadway with sign indicating shared lanes and bicyclists in bicycle lanes marked with solid lines.
  • Vetting the new draft Land Development Regulations in order to ensure they achieve the needed balance between conservation and development in our city in a way that promotes affordability, walkability, and opportunity for growth for our businesses
  • Coordinating with the Police Chief and residents to pass a resolution on Fair and Impartial Policing
  • Expanding inclusionary zoning to provide for affordable housing development along Rte. 7, Williston Rd., and Hinesburg Rd./Old Farm Rd.
  • Drafting and approving a resolution for carbon-sensible planning and the charter for a Climate Action Plan Task Force
  • Expanding and connecting our walking and biking trails
  • Organizing a joint Council-Planning Commission forum on land-use and equity
  • Ribbon-cutting of South Burlington’s new Public Library, City Hall, and Senior Center
  • Ribbon-cutting at the new Garden Street Apartments (a Champlain Housing project)
  • Supporting the proposed pedestrian bridge over I-89 at exit 14, recent recipient of a federal grant
  • Moving forward the plan for a solar installation at Airport Parkway Water Treatment Plant
  • Moving forward the plan to expand Kennedy Drive’s green beltway down I-189 and allow for a two-way interchange onto I-89
  • Supporting the establishment of the INFINITE youth center at University Mall
  • Supporting the establishment of our Community Outreach program which supports the coordination between mental health counseling and community policing
  • Supporting the establishment of a Wellness Clinic for city employees and neighboring municipal partners
  • Increasing funding for road construction and maintenance
  • Launching plans for a new, centrally-located, and expansive dog park at the Wheeler Homestead — coming summer 2022!
  • Advocating for our residents with BTV from a position of strength: sponsored resolution in 2017 that led to the retirement of the home acquisition program and the creation of the Airport’s Technical Advisory Committee (including for the first time representatives from South Burlington, Williston, and Winooski)
  • Vetting architectural and financing plans for a new recreation facility to meet the needs of residents, including underserved populations
  • Controlling spending all while maintaining and improving city services

Past Accomplishments:

  • Established, with public approval, a TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) District in City Center and secured a public bond for a new Library/City Hall/Community Center on Market Street in City Center
  • Established an economic development committee focused on working with local businesses and associations
  • Passed market-based standards for new commercial parking to combat pollution and promote affordable housing and commercial development
  • Supported interim zoning in order to provide time for studies designed to promote environmentally master planned residential and commercial development
  • Organized public forums on domestic violence in order to raise awareness and educate the public on warning signs and community and state resources
  • Secured a place at the table in Airport Master Planning through outreach to the FAA
  • Secured bonding to rebuild Market Street and City Center Park. TIF funds from new developments have helped fund these and future municipal development.
  • Secured agreement with private sector to develop Garden Street and Market Street sites
  • Oversaw visioning, redesign and grant funding for Williston streetscape and bike lanes
  • Joined the Governor’s Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition to meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals
  • Created a permanent city-owned dog park at Farrell Park
  • Established Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Committee to address need for affordable housing
  • Created management plans for natural areas funded by 10-year subvention of Open Space Fund
  • Created landfill solar array and special fund for money generated by array for future investments in energy efficiencies and future savings
  • Committed open space funds to preserve SEQ land through public/private agreements
  • Engaged with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to advocate property rights and residents’ preferred noise mitigation programs with the City of Burlington
  • Relocated South Burlington Police Department to a newly redeveloped facility that also houses the Community Justice Center